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“At The Still Point”.

Merging transformative RnB, electronic and soul elements with immersive soundscapes and fluid vocals, Sydney producer, singer-songwriter and visual visionary Driftwood. has steadfastly evolved and sharpened his enticing artistic endeavors since first springing to life back in 2015.


Hailing from South Sydney while embracing a global aesthetic, Driftwood. has invariably let feeling and emotive exploration guide his artistic journey, both via his humid sonic stylings and his handcrafted visual accompaniments, all of which are entirely self-directed, edited and produced. A born storyteller and devoted creative trailblazer, Driftwood.’s love of authenticity and thinking beyond the norm permeates his mesmerizing aural wares and visual creations, with gripping and vivid influences of high-end street fashion, architecture, street culture and otherworldly elements lying in wait at every glossy twist and turn.


Drawing visceral inspiration from time spent living abroad while also previously honing his craft shooting and editing videos while undertaking an audio engineering degree, Driftwood. still ultimately dwells as a musical artist first and foremost, sonically calling on the expressive and creative powers of the likes of Sam Cook, Kanye West, Spencer Wiggins, Aretha Franklin, Frank Ocean, Biggie, Nas and Whitney Houston as musical pointers for the overall Driftwood. experience.


A kaleidoscopic experience of swooning proportions, it’s on recent singles ‘Higher Mentions’, ‘Bremfelds’ and ‘3AM’ that Driftwood. firmly hovers between effortless sheen, hard-hitting narratives and smooth vocal deliveries. Simultaneously thought-provoking and inescapably hypnotic, every ounce of Driftwood.’s musical outpouring comes straight from the heart, glowing and growing into your soul with each passing beat or glimmering tone, with recent releases also catching the attention of tastemakers including Rolling Stone Australia, Happy Mag, AAA Backstage, Purple Sneakers and many others.


True to the project’s overarching mantra to “stay fluid amongst certain wavelengths in this stream of consciousness”, each Driftwood. release is accompanied by a measured reverence and surrender, as Driftwood. explains: “As I drop something: I’m proud of it, as I’m creating a piece of work and finish it - that’s my most valued at that moment. Then I just keep it moving.”

Moving firmly towards his biggest and boldest year to date, Driftwood. is currently fresh out of an extensive lockdown in the studio in America, armed with plenty of new material to dazzle the world. And it’s not just new music on cards in 2022, with multiple live performances lining up for Driftwood., including a festival appearance at Brighton’s ‘The Great Escape Festival’ in May and shows also in music festivals in Colombia and Mexico later this year.


A true artist in every sense of the word, each moment spent with Driftwood. is one oozing with truth, beauty and resonating imagination. Watch this space for even more impending and unforgettable Driftwood. moments in the not-too-distant future as he continues “chasing unicorns and creativity” into 2022 and beyond.


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